Thank you for considering me for your future events. Since I don’t like to do stuff like everybody else, I decided to give you a bit more for your buck. I have noticed that a lot of people organize workshops with the right intentions but lack the experience to make it a success. I want to help.

Disclaimer: Bookings sometimes include travel costs! Booking cancellations submitted up till one month before the event will receive a full and immediate refund. Cancellations past that date are non-refundable.

I only teach INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED classes from the age of 12 and up. For younger or beginners groups I cannot help you. This is just not what I’m the best at.


If you still want to proceed with the booking, here are a few things you might want to consider:


– One of the most important things in a dance class is the music. Make sense right? Then make sure your music system is up to the task. It is supposed to be loud, have sufficient bass and treble, should be easy to access, have both CD player and a Jack connection cable. A lot of teachers use their computers to teach so make sure they have somewhere to plug in the power cable. Just in case have an iPod or iPhone charger at your disposal. The sound system is difficult to use plan sufficient time to explain how it works.

– Have some water ready for your teacher.


– Make sure all the students can see and hear teachers. If needed use a microphone and a stage.


– It is always better for a teacher to know in what’s setting he has to teach. Give information about the room, stage, Soundsystem, level of the students, how many students there are, what students might be expecting,…


– Introduce the teacher at the beginning of the class, let him know at what time the class stops. Some teachers, like myself, can get lost in teaching , that’s why it’s always better to give us a heads up when there’s only 10 minutes left at the clock.


– Make sure you got somebody in the room ready to help in case anything goes wrong.


– Play some music in the room before the classes start. It will set the mood. It is always better to warm up your crowd. You can do that by being enthusiastic yourself. Make sure your crew-members are as well.


– Get somebody to videotape your events. You have no idea how how important your media and marketing is for the success of your future workshops. There’s nothing wrong with asking your friends or your dad to videotape defense but I strongly recommend to hire somebody professional. The results are going to be much much better. Send the class footage to your teachers. They will highly appreciate it since they want to use it for their own promotion. You don’t have to do this but it’s really really nice. Do not sell class footage without discussing it with your teachers first. Even if they did teach it for you it it’s still their intellectual property.


– Get a separate person to take pictures. Again, a professional will make better pictures.


– Get a beautiful and professionally looking flyer. If you don’t know how to make one, my team of designers can help you. I use for all my flyers and designs. The world’s largest marketplace of graphic designers. Cheap and super efficient. They also offer your money back if you don’t like it. No downside.


– Don’t forget social media. It is really important to use media like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and so on… Get yourself a good Internet ready and shareable flyer design. You also might want to consider a Facebook cover image. And  get your promotional material distributed and shared as much as possible.


So, I hope this helps. Let me know if you think I should add something to this list.


A little something extra with your booking:


Like I said earlier, I really want you to succeed and create magical events. So I want to help you promote it. Here’s how to do it.

  • Send me your flyer in a good resolution. I will post it on my Facebook, Google plus, Instagram , twitter and on my website.
  • Also send me a Facebook cover page image. These are the right dimensions: 851  on 315 pixels View original image
  • Send me a good description of your events date place pricing and so on. It always helps if you tell me something about the background of events. Why are you organizing it… since when… I will make a very brief teaser video that I will post on my YouTube and instagram account. I ‘ve got a reach of +/- 25000 people.