ABOUT MrSteeveAustin

Steeve began his career as a dancer for shows and promo-tours for Nike, L.A.gear, Adidas,  and more. Self-taught until the age of 17, he moved on to major roles in various musicals. Very soon something deep inside pushed him towards passing on what he had learned to others. Teaching and choreographing would become one of his life’s passions, giving him the opportunity to travel the world. Known for his creativity and playfulness, Steeve has won dozens of titles in competitions, including a world champion title, both as a dancer and as a coach. His latest dance projects include choreographing for the hit TV show “So You Think You Can Dance, training dance teachers. 

Now Steeve is taking on new challenges as an artistic director for Videos, has built a startup called Raised by the beat in Berlin, Germany and is still in love with storytelling. This website is his hub for self-expression.


I am always looking for new challenges that allow me to create, teach and push my limits


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